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A poem about seeing through propaganda and standing up to corrupt elitist power; design and typography by poet Ross A Adamson

If you won’t be deceived, then you can’t be controlled.

This graphical/typographical 'PictureVerse' is from my poem Wake Up, featured in my debut poetry collection Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity.

This rhyme is about tuning out of the Establishment's misinformation and conditioning streams. It's about waking up, seeing through the relentless propaganda and standing up to the corrupt, immoral elites who only care about themselves.

Wake Up looks at comfortable societal illusions, population placation and numb consumption. It calls out the right-wing media for doing the dirty work for the over-privileged few, and accuses church and business leaders of greasing the wheels and providing the useful distractions that prevent people from challenging the toxic status quo.

Wake Up (First Five Verses)

Wake up – don’t listen To the shit you’re told: If you won’t be deceived, Then you can’t be controlled.

Don’t bite when they churn Out the necessary lies To placate the population And delay their own demise.

Tune out of the message Beaming every night and day, So those comfortable illusions Spark no urge to doubt or stray:

‘Fall in line, you’ll be fine If you trust our master plan. We’ll keep taking care of business; You keep working for The Man.

‘Don’t ruminate on politics – Just spend and hoard and bloat... Go back to sleep, suburbia – But don’t forget to vote!’

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.
Word art from One More Chance, a poem by Ross Adamson about Internet chatroom romance, long-distance relationships, online dating and unrequited love in the digital age.

A verse from the poem One More Chance

An illustrated verse from my poem One More Chance about a doomed long-distance relationship I had many moons ago.

This particular star-crossed romance started in a mid-noughties Internet chatroom, played out over three intense months (in both cyber– and meatspace) and – *spoiler alert* – ended in heartbreak.

The poem explores online dating, long-distance relationships (LDRs), rejection, depression and unrequited love in the digital age.

You can read the whole poem, and lots more original poetry, in my Online Poetry Collection.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.
Word art from poet Ross Adamson's original poem Web Pest: You love to flaunt your cleavage, unsought and out of place; you’d think those were the only tits on show in cyberspace.

Verse from Adamson's poem Web Pest

Three verses from my poem Web Pest about an old friend who became an online attention vampire, a social media oversharer and a sporadic internet troll.

She seeks endless interaction. She needs constant validation. She’s oblivious to the fact she has no netiquette. And she just doesn’t quit.

You can read the whole poem in my Online Poetry Collection: Web Pest.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.
A short graphic verse about superstorm Irma that devastated Florida and the Caribbean in September 2017

Superstorm Irma in 2017

A short verse about the superstorm 'Hurricane Irma' that hit Florida and the Caribbean in September 2017. With winds of 160mph, massive waves and storm surges, hurricanes like Irma, and Harvey before it, have grown in strength due to global warming. This is surely a sign of the frightening future we can expect because of human-made global greenhouse gas emissions trapped in the atmosphere.

Agenda-driven liars,
Who pump out CO2,
And climate change deniers:
This superstorm's for you.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.