Ross Adamson is a fiery modern poet, an ingenious wordsmith, a provocative artist and a spirited activist. Part angry skeptic and part tormented idealist, his creativity is inspired by progressive, humanist and environmentalist ethics.

Best known for his expressive rhythmical rhyming poetry, he is no stranger to thought-provoking and politically charged topics.

His work explores societal ills and global turbulence ...freedom and privacy ...atheism and religion ...inequality and social justice ...nature and the environment and friendship ...depression and anxiety ...human rights and civil liberties ...politics and current affairs ...war and terrorism ...pretentiousness and snobbery ...the Establishment and 'the 1%' and technology ...intolerance and prejudice ...anger and aggression ...animal rights and welfare ...tyranny and oppression ...superficiality and falseness ...egomania and arrogance ...rebellion and counterculture ...illness and personal struggle ...greed and selfishness ...nonsense and absurdity ...poverty and homelessness ...the Internet and web culture...alienation and disaffection ...alcohol and substance abuse ...ethics and morality ...pain and suffering ...loss and grief ...

Adamson's new poetry collection, Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity is now available in paperback and ebook.

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Multiple images of the poetry collection Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, by poet Ross Adamson

Modern Madness

Rhymes Against Humanity

Ross Adamson's storming debut collection of sharp and streetwise rhyming poetry takes no prisoners and buzzes with cynical wit, lyrical charm and righteous rage.

Humankind has lost its way and modern life is absurd, alienating and increasingly unfair. Madness, in every sense of the word, has pervaded early 21st century society and shown no sign of abating.

These deft and defiant rhymes zero in on the perceived inequities and inadequacies of our age: the flaws, foibles, prejudices and futile preoccupations that must, surely, be in consequence of this modern madness.

Adamson is eloquent, insightful and engaging as he waxes poetical on emotive topics such as religion, inequality, terrorism, disaffection, intolerance, superficiality, political failing, social media, rampant consumerism and the cult of celebrity.

This book exemplifies contemporary poetry at its piquant and polemic best. It is fervent, quotable, memorable and thoroughly entertaining throughout.

The revolution starts here.

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