Fracking Idiots

They say ‘hydraulic fracturing’ Is what this country needs, So, against expert opinion,
 Our Prime Minister proceeds

To railroad legislation through And crack the three-line whip, Committing public money To this propaganda trip.

Incited by the pressure groups That really run this show, Their sycophantic scientists, Bought by corporations, know

That, despite attempts to justify it, Fracking’s far from green: No energy from fossil fuel Is ever truly clean.

But bugger air pollution, All the nature they’ll defile, And let’s miss our climate targets By an English country mile.

The earthquakes and explosions? They’ll proclaim a rogue event, Saying anyone is culpable – Except the government.

Contaminated water tables Hardly matter when They’ll keep the toxic chemicals Well clear of Number Ten.

There won’t be site machinery Plumbed in on Downing Street; We’ll see no trucks nor drilling rigs On that hallowed concrete.

But no such luck for common folk, Subject to Tory rule, When fracking happens underneath Their home, their work, their school.

Their safety but an afterthought; Pollution plain denied: The planet’s future matters not When short-term gains are spied.

So screw the local people And sod ecology; If it’s not quite as bad as coal, It’s clean as clean can be.

What carries weight is money – Rapacious wealth accrual – They’ll rape your land for natural gas To sell you back as fuel.

Obsessing over profits For a past-it industry, It’s clear the creeps ‘we’ put in charge Have no integrity:

They’ll disregard renewables Until they can’t deny The last of Earth’s resources Have been finally bled dry.

They’ll force this quick-fix remedy, The reckless Tory way: ‘Who cares about tomorrow If we strike it rich today?’

The people don’t support it; The eco-crowd lament This blitz against democracy And our environment.

Hell-bent on mining shale gas, It seems, at any cost; Evangelising doggedly, Despite the votes they’ve lost,

These crooks are in the pocket Of the mighty oil lobby: A bunch of fracking idiots, I think you will agree.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.

Modern Madness

Rhymes Against Humanity

Modern Madness:Rhymes Against Humanity front cover. Book and cover design by Ross Adamson

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