Pay as You Pray

Twisted logic, toxic thought: Welcome to the temple of the god you bought.

In for a service; out with the guilt; Witness the glitz fear and brainwashing built.

The price of forgiveness – salvation from sin? A tax towards the opulent clubhouse you’re in.

The upkeep’s a pile and the bills are sky high; That silver won’t polish itself, by-and-by.

There’s payroll to fund: these preachers aren’t cheap; Plus marketing spend, so be sure to dig deep.

Just cross the man’s palm – no need to explain – To purchase that mystical salve for your pain.

Reprieve for a fiver, atonement for ten: The mercy of God for the money of men.

(More, if you’re weak, as you never know when You might cheat or fight, lie or blaspheme again.)

Endure as you please – you don’t have to stay: No need to commit when you pay as you pray.

Indulge absolution and bask in the fable. Make the transaction and feast at the table.

Finance their lifestyle and sanction their fiction, Then live your whole life in complete contradiction.

A business arrangement: they need not beseech, And you need not practise a word that they preach.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.

Modern Madness

Rhymes Against Humanity

Modern Madness:Rhymes Against Humanity front cover. Book and cover design by Ross Adamson

The poem Pay as You Pray features in Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, the storming debut poetry book by Ross Adamson.

Available in paperback and ebook editions, this standout full-length collection is both a masterclass in skillful, high-octane rhyming verse and a timely, trenchant indictment of early 21st century society.

Adamson's insightful 'rhymes of the times' fearlessly tackle emotive topical themes, some sharpshooting a dart to the heart of the matter, others detonating a powder keg of righteous poetic anger. This is gritty contemporary poetry at its piquant and provocative best.

Smart and streetwise, eloquent and rebellious, Modern Madness buzzes with expressive verve and lyrical charm from the first poem to the last.