Flames & Shadows

Poems from the upcoming book by Ross Adamson

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An exclusive sneak peek at poems from this forthcoming semi-autobiographical poetry collection, due to be published in 2021.  Flames & Shadows will feature rhymes about depression, rage, anxiety, chronic illness, frustration, substance abuse, alienation and existential angst.

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As ghostly as a graveyard
In the murky depths of night,
His eyes are like extinguished fires,
Long gone the gift of light ...

Good Days

Good Days

You only see me on good days.
On bad days I suffer alone.
When feeling half-dead,
I curl up in my bed
And I hide from the world on my own ...

In The End

In The End

I’ve reached the conclusion
That life’s an illusion
And death’s just the end of the show.
But one thing’s uncertain:
At the fall of the curtain,
What happens and where do we go? ...