One More Chance

There she is, at the spot where first we met, In that whimsical haunt on the Internet. She’s the distant desire that I can’t forget. She’s my tear-stained pillow and my deep regret.

Electric emotions surge inside And I’m back on that fucked-up fairground ride; On a tightrope, traversing a great divide. Should I go with the flow or protect my pride?

I hand-pick my words with diplomacy. Can she see my despair through my flattery? Will my going for broke bring her back to me And remind her of mind-blowing chemistry?

On a blind leap of faith my joy depends. I’ll be out of my head till my heartbreak mends. I thought I was fine – every chump pretends Till they see how the fairy story ends.

Long dormant sensations wake and grow. I should’ve moved past it, by now, I know; Should’ve quit while behind and just let her go, But she gave me a buzz and a golden glow.

It was real for a spell but now she’s gone, Though her icon is looming when I log on; That assemblage of pixels that leaves me wan While she looks for the next fool to fawn upon.

I faked nonchalance and they gave me props, But composure escapes when illusion pops. I’m as calm as they come till the bombshell drops, But I dread being alone when the music stops.

In this dreamlike haze, this depressive trance, I feel ever more crushed as the days advance. She could kickstart my heart with a fleeting glance. Every lost boy like me needs one more chance.