Morning Magic

Stirring lovers, sun-drenched blinds, Tangled bodies, bonded minds. Lazy slumbers, dreamy hours, Interlinking magic powers.

Pure contentment, perfect bliss; A fond caress, a treasured kiss. This, the most delightful time: The morning at its most sublime.

The outside world a distant care. All that matters: now and here. Urgency and strain, no more – Far off storms from rapture’s shore.

Simple, tranquil luxury. Intense electric synergy. The sweetest symphony composed: Two hearts beating, juxtaposed.

Birdsong fills the air outside, Daydreams on the zephyr glide. Intimacy’s charged embrace Ferments bewitchment, face to face.

Thoughts cascade with ecstasy, Intoxicating alchemy. Falling into love’s abyss... Never more alive than this.