Poems on Inequality

Original rhymes by Ross Adamson

Poems on Inequality graphic – unequalness, wealth-distribution, the super-rich, prosperity disparity, plutocrats, oligarchs, inherited privilege, tax havens, class prejudice, social divergence, poor blaming, economic divide, poverty porn

Poems on unfairness, unearned privilege, extreme poverty, homelessness and segregation.  Rhymes about idealistic egalitarianism and the realities of the gigantic, ever-growing gulf between the super-rich and the downtrodden poor.

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Poor Door

Poor Door

Door for the rich bloke –
Grand, at the front;
Door down a side lane
For the poor c**t ...

Tribute to Tyranny

Tribute to Tyranny

A tyrant Saudi king dies
And we fly the flags half-mast,
Despite their human rights abuses,
Now and recent past ...

The One Percent

The One Percent

Just one percent of people
Own half of global wealth.
They keep their fortunes tucked away
With tax-evading stealth ...