Poems on Death

Original rhymes by Ross Adamson

Poems on Death graphic – dying, eternal sleep, murder, suicide, destruction, demise, grief, loss, the hereafter, the end.

Poems about dying, loss, grief, murder, suicide and all aspects of the Grim Reaper’s work.  Rhymes on demise, destruction, terrorism, afterlife and eternal sleep.

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As ghostly as a graveyard
In the murky depths of night,
His eyes are like extinguished fires,
Long gone the gift of light ...

Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo.
Mindless slaughter.
Hopeless dogma.
Inhumane ...

In The End

In The End

I’ve reached the conclusion
That life’s an illusion
And death’s just the end of the show.
But one thing’s uncertain:
At the fall of the curtain,
What happens and where do we go? ...