In The End

I’ve reached the conclusion that life’s an illusion And death’s just the end of the show. But one thing’s uncertain: at the fall of the curtain, What happens and where do we go?

Do we make a descent to a world of torment Where we’re shackled in vicious barbed wire; Where our eyes are plucked out and we’re walloped about And then jettisoned into the fire?

Or maybe we rise into beauteous skies Where the angels sing magical songs; Where we’re brimming with zest and we're all feeling blessed Because everyone truly belongs.

At the end of the track, does it just fade to black As if somebody switched off the light? When it’s my turn to go, will I actually know? Will I consciously give up the fight?

So much for my theories which lead to more queries And make me increasingly blind; The harder I try to appreciate why, The more I bewilder my mind.

If we have to accept it’s a secret well kept, And we won’t ever know till we see, Then all we can do is live life and be true, For whatever will be, will be.