You want that brand new gadget And you crave the latest gear, Despite the fact it’s over-priced And ‘out’ within a year.

You want your neighbour’s sports car And your best friend’s TV, too. That stylish coat your colleague wore Would look so good on you.

You want the watch that shimmered In that glossy magazine. You want that house behind the gates – The one you’ve never seen.

You want her sparkly treasures And his shiny grown-up toys; The next big thing, and all the bling That famous twat enjoys.

You know that all that glitters Is worth grasping, if not gold; You’re sure that wellbeing comes from wealth, Despite what you’ve been told.

You entertain delusions That you forage with free will, Then wander, hypnotised And product-laden, to the till.

You’re just a powerless puppet In a market forces game: A pseudo-free commodity; A cashcard with a name.

They show you ads and sell you fads, And, as their means improve, They’ll track your every purchase And they’ll know your every move.

They'll profile you precisely – Where and when and what you’ve bought – Then own you when their algorithms Learn to sway your thought.

Soon, high-tech robot scanning tools Will data mine your brain, And drones will crowd the skyways, Dropping packages like rain.

You’ll splash out automatically, Transacting while you snore, And things you never knew you’d want Will pile up by your door.

Possessions will possess you. Buying won’t be based on need. You’ll shop and drop but never stop And never sate your greed.

The gods of private enterprise Will cram your life with stuff, Till everything you’ve ever craved Is nowhere near enough.

The governments will pander To the corporations’ rule. You’ll be a perfect citizen: A happy shopping fool.

And then, one day, you’ll see the light And glimpse the planet’s fate; You’ll change your ways and spread the word, But it may be too late.

We let them reign, unbridled, Too engrossed with trendy goods. We bought this ill-judged way of life And swallowed their falsehoods.

As global warming scorches all And oceans fill with trash, Consumerism's dons of doom Sit back and count their cash.

As all the trees are levelled And the air and water’s spoiled, The politicians fold their arms; The markets’ wheels are oiled.

When Earth’s resources dwindle Under mass production’s strains, They’ll try to stop us breaking free From crass consumption’s chains.

They’ll lie and stubbornly deny The old way’s run its course. And when conditioning wears off, They’ll keep us down with force.

The time to act is running out. The fix is clear as soot. But roots of this dystopia Grow swiftly underfoot.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.

Modern Madness

Rhymes Against Humanity

Modern Madness:Rhymes Against Humanity front cover. Book and cover design by Ross Adamson

The poem Cupidity features in Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, the storming debut poetry book by Ross Adamson.

Available in paperback and ebook editions, this standout full-length collection is both a masterclass in skillful, high-octane rhyming verse and a timely, trenchant indictment of early 21st century society.

Adamson's insightful 'rhymes of the times' fearlessly tackle emotive topical themes, some sharpshooting a dart to the heart of the matter, others detonating a powder keg of righteous poetic anger. This is gritty contemporary poetry at its piquant and provocative best.

Smart and streetwise, eloquent and rebellious, Modern Madness buzzes with expressive verve and lyrical charm from the first poem to the last.