Ross Adamson is a dynamic modern poet, an imaginative wordsmith, an intrepid artist, a skillful designer and a passionate activist.  Part fiery skeptic and part tormented idealist, his creativity is driven by fearless freethinking and inspired by progressive, humanist and environmentalist values.

Best known for his vivid rhyming poetry with its distinctive rhythmical style, Adamson converts shrewd insight into cynical wit and conveys righteous anger with vehement eloquence.

His poems explore the dark abysses of the psyche, expose the shallowness of modern life, attack the injustices of society, and rage against the establishment.

Adamson's work is bold, expressive and engaging.  He riffs on deep and emotive topics such as love, religion, loss, depression, anger, politics, war, illness and inequality.  But it's not all doom and gloom: he also writes nonsense verse, humorous wordsmithery and even children's rhymes, and can focus a wry eye on almost any topic.

Ross Adamson's new poetry book, Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, published by Inferno Press, is now available in paperback.  This storming debut collection is both a masterwork of powerful verse and a timely indictment of early 21st century society.  Click here to order your copy now.

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Poetry, artistic creation, imagination, wisdom, intelligence, inventiveness, humanity, wildlife, music, science, philosophy, friendship, kindness, love, beauty, life, compassion, fairness, humour, progress, equality, unity, harmony, peace.


Cruelty, inequality, superstition, discrimination, wilful ignorance, carnism, blood sports, oppression, inhumanity, conservatism, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, organised religion, war, snobbery, consumerism, right-wing media, wastefulness, vindictiveness, depression, illness, deprivation.


Art, nature, music, chess, comedy, coffee, sunshine, beer, walking, beaches, tech, gadgets, silliness, Internet culture, drawing, conversation, reading, quizzing, philosophy, pub games, biscuits, (secular) Christmas, veggie/vegan food.


Fascist twunts, snooping corporate conglomerates, bigotry, religiosity, mumbo jumbo, soap opera, actual opera, high fashion, alternative medicine, gambling, meat, dairy, tabloids, snobs, pub bores, twerps in red trousers, angry yobs, mean geese.

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