All Systems Go

Screenshot photo of Ross Adamson's online poetry collection on his website

Screenshot of Adamson’s Online Poetry Collection.

Welcome to, my official website. It took me a long time to finish building this bespoke site, with several significant setbacks along the way. So it’s a huge relief to finally launch something online – even if there are inevitably still some wrinkles to iron out.

Along with this blog, my site has the usual bio page, a contact form, a Twitter feed at the bottom, and sign-up forms for subscribing to my free email newsletter (coming soon – sign up now!).

The books page will display my published poetry collections, including my first book, Modern Madness, which is now buyable in paperback and ebook editions. You can also get it from Amazon, if you prefer.

I think the part of the site I’m most excited about is my Online Poetry Collection where I plan to publish original poems on a regular basis. This was a lot of work to design and custom-make – mainly because, as far as I know, nothing quite like it has been done before.

I have organised my online poems into sortable themes and styled them with complementary backgrounds to hopefully enhance the reading experience. You can read any two rhymes in full, free of charge, and then consider purchasing an Online Poetry Pass to get a week’s unlimited access – and to directly support my work. Proceeds will go towards hosting and development costs and are greatly appreciated.

I’ll use this blog to try out various poetic and artistic ideas (such as my NewsRhymes, MicroPoems and PhotoVerses). It will also give me the chance to write some prose and occasionally share my thoughts in a non-rhyming way. You can receive new blog post notifications via the RSS feed or by subscribing to my email newsletter.

Anyway, without further ado, I hereby declare this blog up and running and this website operational!  I hope you like it.

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