Lone enchantress, darkly charming; Slight and coy yet quite disarming. Ice blue eyes burning ardently: She sees my soul when she stares at me.

I stand, transfixed, but I daren’t approach her; She makes me shrink like a doomed encroacher. She’s in my head and beneath my skin. I try to keep my cool but she reels me in.

She calls me over so I waste no time, Temptation promising a night sublime. I'm over-eager but I can’t change tack. My guard is down and there’s no way back.

She’s not my type but I can’t resist. My card’s marked, anyway, stick or twist. I'm out of my depth, in a different league, And my wit’s soon numbed by my flirt fatigue.

I feel unworthy, she holds the power: I'm a pebble on the beach in a meteor shower. She works her magic; I'm just a game. She’ll feast on me then forget my name.

It’ll end in tears but I play with fire, My sense hoodwinked by my heart’s desire. The anointed chump of this two-bit town; Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

From that point onward, it’s all a blur: A whirlwind of perfume and cheap liqueur. Like a dream in a dream in a drunken mind; I'll dredge for the memories I’ll never find.

She’s gone, next morning, when I awaken; I’ve been kicked to the kerb, coldly forsaken. Bewildered and jilted but strangely fine: A changed man ever since I crossed that line.

I’ll always wonder what might have been If I’d been less drunk and a bit less keen. Conflicting emotions, bittersweet: My best night ever and my worst defeat.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.

Modern Madness

Rhymes Against Humanity

Modern Madness:Rhymes Against Humanity front cover. Book and cover design by Ross Adamson

The poem Siren features in Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, the storming debut poetry book by Ross Adamson.

Available in paperback and ebook editions, this standout full-length collection is both a masterclass in skillful, high-octane rhyming verse and a timely, trenchant indictment of early 21st century society.

Adamson's insightful 'rhymes of the times' fearlessly tackle emotive topical themes, some sharpshooting a dart to the heart of the matter, others detonating a powder keg of righteous poetic anger. This is gritty contemporary poetry at its piquant and provocative best.

Smart and streetwise, eloquent and rebellious, Modern Madness buzzes with expressive verve and lyrical charm from the first poem to the last.