Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, the latest poetry book by poet Ross Adamson

This storming collection of sharp and streetwise rhyming poetry takes aim at the flaws and foibles of contemporary Western society.

Humankind has lost its way and modern life is absurd, alienating and increasingly unfair. Madness, in every sense of the word, has pervaded early 21st century culture and shown no sign of abating.

Fearing the worst, Adamson is eloquent and insightful as he deftly waxes poetical on emotive topics such as religion, terrorism, social media, politics, consumerism and celebrity.

Taking no prisoners, his powerful rhymes of the times buzz with cynical wit, lyrical charm and righteous rage.

These poems will make you think, smile, doubt, glower, tap your foot and shake your fist. The revolution starts here.

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Poor Door

Door for the rich bloke –
Grand, at the front;
Door down a side lane
For the poor c**t ...

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