Poems on Self-Esteem

Original rhymes by Ross Adamson

Poems on Self-Esteem graphic – self-image, confidence, self-assurance, inferiority, composure, insecurity, self-loathing, humility, ego, self-belief

Poems on poor self-image and inferiority complex.  Rhymes about self-respect, self-loathing and lacking self-confidence.

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Gloom-Tinted Glasses

Gloom-Tinted Glasses

Depression is a washout lens,
Infusing hues with grey.
It dulls the best sensations
And enshrouds the brightest day ...



As ghostly as a graveyard
In the murky depths of night,
His eyes are like extinguished fires,
Long gone the gift of light ...

Good Days

Good Days

You only see me on good days.
On bad days I suffer alone.
When feeling half-dead,
I curl up in my bed
And I hide from the world on my own ...