Je suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo.
Mindless slaughter.
Hopeless dogma.

Hard to process:
Too pathetic,
Too barbaric,
Too insane.

Savage slayers,
Brainwashed butchers.
Peaceful people
Murdered, maimed.

Vile aggressors.
No atonement,
No excuses.
Be ashamed.

Pointless carnage,
Begging vengeance,
Bringing hatred
On their kind.

Blame religion:
Drilled unreason;
Myth and madness

On with satire,
On with humour;
Guard the right
To disagree.

Rise above it.
Be offended,
Be incensed but
Keep speech free.

Teach compassion,
Preach good-humour,
Send extremists
Straight to ‘hell’.

Je suis Charlie.
Nous sommes unis.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.
Modern Madness front cover design by Ross Adamson

This poem features in Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity, the sensational new book of poetry by Ross Adamson.

Modern Madness is a hard-hitting, well-timed and thoroughly exhilarating rollercoaster of rhyming verse that explores and questions the ideals, values, attitudes and behaviours of early 21st century society.

Sharp, savvy and buzzing with cynical wit, lyrical charm and righteous rage; Adamson has a way with words and a message that needs to be received.  The revolution starts here.

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