Modern Madness

Image of a micropoem by poet Ross Adamson; background photo of the Twitter app on an iPhone next to an espresso coffee on a weather-beaten table.

Ross Adamson with his debut poetry book, Modern Madness.

After what feels like a mad, million year mission, I’m pleased to announce that my first poetry book has finally been published.

Modern Madness: Rhymes Against Humanity is a bold and fiery collection of contemporary poems that question the increasingly surreal status quo, confront the corrupt and self-serving powers that be, and muse on the madness that runs deep in modern society.

These poems examine the prevailing cultural norms of superficiality, egotism and excess. They criticise short-sighted and prejudicial right-wing politics. They denounce organised religion and the unhinged extremism it engenders.

In the rhymes of Modern Madness, I speak my mind about the evils of unrestrained consumerism and its catastrophic effect on our only planet. I write about imminent and grievous threats to privacy and liberty. And I deride the technological advancements that oppress us and brainwash the masses into gormless obedience.

My creative journey to this point has been anything but plain sailing: there were obstacles galore, financial crises, tech failures and health meltdowns. The book was derailed when I lost heart and postponed when I had to work on other things to make ends meet. But the desire to craft and share my poetry always rekindled before long.

If you would like to buy Modern Madness, it is available in the books page of this website, as well as from Amazon.

And if you have read Modern Madness, I'd love to know what you think, so get in touch on Twitter, on Facebook or by leaving a short review via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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