Superman Ecstasy

Superman Ecstasy

Seems MDMA’s been kicked into touch
Through rash, ill-judged lawmaking;
Now PMMA, a substitute crutch
Is what the kids are taking.

The same kind of thing: it gives you a buzz
And makes you feel like dancing;
But there’s a sting, well known to the fuzz:
The risk of death’s advancing.

This surrogate drug that’s stolen E’s sun
Is up to ten times stronger,
And clubbers may shrug and drop more than one
'Cause the time to peak is longer.

Plus, unlike the X, it blocks the enzymes
That counter your reaction;
It cranks the effects, your temperature climbs
And you get no satisfaction.

So what we have now is a more potent pill
Than the one they moved to outlaw;
You have to, somehow, try to weigh up the thrill
Against popping your clogs on the dance floor.

The knobs at the top, those who classify,
Have sod all understanding
When young’uns who drop, just trying to get high,
Come in for a crash landing.

See, real ecstasy, despite what you’ve heard,
Is pretty safe in pure form.
What ministers see, their insight all blurred,
Is a right-wing PR shit storm.

Their reasoning’s skewed, one sees at a glance,
And they’re only inviting trouble;
Their punitive, crude and illogical stance
Has just made the dangers double.

What did they think? The dealers would quit
And the kids would all stop raving?
We saw it with drink, when that took a hit,
And hooch quenched the people’s craving.

The same with the junk: the opium pipe
Was banned by those ‘protecting’;
It seemed a slam dunk till heroin hype
Had people hooked, injecting.

The drugs they can tax, like ciggies and booze,
Are ‘fine’, yet far more harmful;
If they could relax drug laws and not lose,
They’d flog them by the armful.

They should regulate drugs – decriminalise –
For a death and crime reduction;
They'd dissipate thugs, they'd open kids’ eyes,
And they'd profit from production.

Yes, Daily Mail prudes would go for their throats
With typical circle-jerking
But they’d soon find new feuds and bring back their votes
When they saw the new way working.

We won’t hold our breath while the Right have the reigns
In this faux-democratic nation.
We’ll bank on more death and avoidable pains
From their ‘drug war’ miscalculation.

Let’s turn a new page and place a bold bet
That common sense should spill through;
It’s a dangerous age when the law is a threat
And Superman could kill you.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.