Internet Sovereignty

Internet Sovereignty

When China hamstrung Gmail, no-one was surprised;
Their efforts to de-Yankify have hardly been disguised.

When North Korea went offline, no-one really cared;
But was their blackout tit-for-tat, to show the West ain't scared?

Now Russia wants to keep its data out of foreign hands;
Its crackdown shows that US tech ain’t welcome in their lands.

But while it looks like censorship – like government control –
Their information sovereignty might be a worthy goal.

It comes as a reaction to aggressive US rule,
Expansionist agendas and dependencies they school.

Yank tech giants push their products, intent to conquer all;
Their NSA pals use their reach to spy and data trawl;

The Valley runs the infrastructure; Congress holds the reigns;
And Washington exploits the fact the Net’s in US chains.

America’s imperious: the online master race;
The USA does what it damn well likes in cyberspace.

So is it any shock those most suspicious of the West
Are wary of the digital intruders in their nest?

Protective of their data and opposed to Western spin,
How could they tolerate the techno-enemy within?

And wouldn’t we be wise to be less trusting of our friends?
As Orwell showed: once privacy is dead, all freedom ends.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.