Divorce Day

Divorce Day

Christmas spirit vaporised
And New Year headache gone,
You soldiered through the holidays
But now you can't go on.

The festive nightmare over,
When cracks became a rift,
It’s time to end the heartbreak
Of a union gone adrift.

So, here we are on Monday.
It’s back to work for most.
But not for all you cruelly-weds
Whose marriages are toast.

They call today 'Divorce Day',
When lawyers fill their boots,
As spouses who can take no more
Stop by and file their suits.

Happy D-Day, eager-splits
(The ones that want away);
Let’s hope your push for freedom
Starts to make you feel okay.

Commiserations, sad-chucks
(The ones that get the news);
You’ll surely soon be whole again
To beat the breakup blues.

For those in axe-agreement –
You poor Twelfth Nisi lot –
Enjoy your disentanglement
As you untie the knot.

Welcome, then, to Splitsville,
Where separate futures start,
And may you both be better
In your brand new lives apart.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.