Cops With Guns

Cops With Guns

So Scotland Yard wants lots more guns
Put into the hands of dibble,
And what with the threat of terrorists,
Well, who are we to quibble?

They say we need more armed police
While militant fiends persist;
But smarts, not weapons, are surely the way
To vanquish the jihadist.

These murderers work in streamlined crews
So as not to arouse suspicion.
Thus, how many gun-toting cops would it take
To counter and thwart each ‘mission’?

They only need answer with bullets and brawn
If they’re too late to intercept;
It might make the hardline contingent feel safe
But its dangerous, wild and inept.

If they furnish the fuzz with firearms galore
You can bet it will spawn more strife.
We’ll be just like the Yanks if we give in to fear
And we arm every man and his wife.

The radicals win if we change our ways
And we pack all our porkers with handguns;
If nearly five thousand armed Bill aren’t enough,
Then it ain't more we need, but more good ones.

For safety and peace of mind on the streets
More coppers with shooters is barmy;
Just focus on intel and sound strategies
And, in a pinch, call in the army.

Copyright © Ross A Adamson. All Rights Reserved.